The World Abaza Congress donated medical equipment to the "We Are Together" Charitable center in the village of Tsandripsh, where they provide rehabilitation assistance to children and adults with disabilities.

The World Abaza Congress delivered special equipment to the "We are Together" center for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities (abbreviated as HVD - ed.). The rehabilitation center is located in the village of Tsandripsh, Gagra district, most of its wards are children and adolescents.

The set of equipment donated by the Congress included special exercise mats, balancing and step platforms, as well as special rollers necessary for doctors to work with children.

The idea to transfer the necessary medical equipment to the rehabilitation center in Tsandripsh came several months ago after a publication on social networks dedicated to the opening of the center.

"When such a center appeared, we addressed the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the World Abaza Congress Mussa Ekzekov. We informed him that a center for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities was opened in the Gagra district, and that the center needs special medical equipment. Mussa Ekzekov accepted the idea to support the center without hesitation. We planned to be here on the first of June, on Children's Day, to somehow please the children-wards of the center not only with sweet gifts, but also with the necessary equipment, and thus contribute to the development of the new center. However, for various reasons, we could not be here on the first of June. Nevertheless, today, at last, we have implemented our plans," said Izolda Khagba, editor-in-chief of the WAC web information portal.

The rehabilitation center in Tsandripsh has been operating for about five months. It is headed by Milana Adzhba, a girl who herself faced health problems in her life. Despite the difficulties associated with this, Milana takes an active life position and at her young age has already managed to open a center in which specialists help children and adults in need.

"We are dealing with rehabilitation and social adaptation of people. We teach volunteers how to interact with people with disabilities in order to integrate them into society. We have 40 wards.  Most of the patients have problems with the musculoskeletal system," said the head of the center.

The rehabilitation center is financed by international non-governmental organizations, ordinary citizens and local authorities.

Milana Adzhba also told about a different direction of the center's work: it helps to redistribute technical means for rehabilitation from those who do not need them, to those who need them.

"Most of the rehabilitation means are very expensive, not everyone can afford them. It happens that someone does not need them or they do not fit already in age, and they just kept at home. If you have such means at home and you no longer need them, you can give them to our center, and we will redistribute them further among those who need them," the head of the center addressed our readers.

Based on her personal positive experience of social adaptation, Milana urges parents of children with disabilities not to be afraid to send their children to regular schools, to take them out into society more often. Milana herself graduated from an ordinary general education school and confirms that both her peers and teachers treated her as "an ordinary child, there were no problems."

"Do not deprive children of their normal childhood, communication with peers. Do not be afraid that the child will not be accepted in society. These barriers that [exist] in your head are surmountable," Milana Adzhba urges.

Despite the short period of work, the center already has successes.

"We have people who are 25 years old and they never went outside at all. Now they come independently by public transport. Our wards are from all over the Gagra district," she explained.

Today, the center's activities include physiotherapy exercises, adaptive physical education, massage, and a psychologist also works with the wards. There are plans to invite a speech therapist. All procedures in the center are free of charge.

Sergey Tomosyan is rehabilitation doctor in the center. He received his higher medical education in Armenia and returned to his homeland to help his compatriots.

"I am very pleased that I have the opportunity to help our children. I am a great patriot of my country. I would like to express my gratitude to the people who do not stand aside. We receive a lot of help. We are extremely pleased that the WAC also paid attention to us. The more resources we have, the better we can do our job," he summed up.

Kamila Benia is 16 years old. Despite her limited health, the girl successfully graduated from the ninth grade of Tsandripsh Secondary School. By the way, the center helped her with this: as a recent graduate admits, the director of the center and the psychologist actively supported her before the exams, motivated her to succeed.

Talking about her rehabilitation, Kamila smiles all the time. She says going to the center is "like a holiday."

"The rehabilitation is going well. My feelings when I go to the center are positive, because, first of all, there is a kind and warm atmosphere there. I want to smile and laugh when I come here. A very warm "energy" emanates from people, all rehabilitologists and a psychologist, and the director of the center herself treats her wards very well - and this is very pleasing," Kamila shared.

In addition to the friendly and warm atmosphere, the girl notes the professionalism of all the specialists of the center.

"These people have become a second family for me, they take great care of us and do not distinguish anyone, and this is very important. Thank them very much for their care, attention and understanding. Thank them for trying so hard. I am very glad that such a center has opened in our village. We have many children with disabilities, most of them cannot travel beyond Sukhum. I am very glad that the center is developing, various events are being held. Everything is very exciting and interesting," concluded Kamila Benia.

The "We Are Together" Charity center in Tsandripsh works free of charge and is ready to accept for treatment everyone who needs it. The center has feedback accounts on Facebook and Instagram.  You can also contact the center by phone: +7 940 965 10 30.