On the Day of Liberation of Gagra, the WAC gave gifts to the veterans of the Republican Association of War Disabled People "Apsny" and provided assistance to the COVID department of the Gagra hospital.

On the occasion of the day of liberation of Gagra from the Georgian invaders during the PWPA of 1992-1993, on October 6, the World Abaza Congress presented gifts to war veterans - wards of the Republican Association of War Disabled People "Apsny" (RAIV) in the city of Gagra. The WAC donated TVs, heaters and warm blankets to the association.

The representative of the World Abaza Congress Izolda Khagba said that the action was organized on behalf of the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the World Abaza Congress Mussa Ekzekov.

"We came here to congratulate our veterans on the day of the holiday, wish them good health and once again bow to them, looking into their eyes, say thank you very much for everything that they have done for the whole country and for each of us in particular,"  said Khagba.

For the attention and assistance provided, the Congress team headed by Mussa Ekzekov was thanked by the Deputy Head of RAIV, veteran of the PWPA Gela Vanacha. He noted that veterans very much welcome such attention.

"I congratulate everyone on the holiday. Blue sky to you! Special thanks to the Congress for your attention, we are very pleased," he said.

War veteran Nana Akaba also expressed great gratitude to the World Abaza Congress, noting on behalf of the veterans that they feel needed thanks to such actions.

"Thank you for not forgetting us, this is important. Happy Holidays!," said Akaba.

On this day, which is considered the day of the city of Gagra, the World Abaza Congress also donated medical equipment - recirculators, oxygen masks, tonometers, injection stands and thermometers - to the Gagra regional hospital.

"We handed over the necessary medical equipment to the co-shaped department of the hospital. We wish everyone good health and very much hope that our small contribution to the fight against the pandemic will make the work of our doctors easier," said Izolda Khagba.

The deputy chief physician of the Gagra regional hospital Zaira Kharabua and the head of the COVID department Irma Bartsyts on behalf of the entire staff of the hospital thanked the Congress team.

"We are grateful for your attention, for remembering us. Any help is welcome. There can be no extra help in the fight against COVID," said Kharabua.

The World Abaza Congress in its work pays significant attention to charitable projects. The WAC has already held and organized several actions dedicated to the veterans of the Patriotic War of the People of Abkhazia. Moreover, from the first days of the pandemic, the Congress has been providing all possible assistance in the fight against COVID-19 - both to hospitals and those who have suffered from the economic consequences of this difficult situation.