Poor and large families of the Gagra district received food sets from the WAC for the New Year's table.

Kamila Kirwal

The World Abaza Congress handed over food products and sweet New Year gifts to large families and families with low-income under the patronage of the Social Service of Abkhazia. Assistance was rendered to families from the Gagra district: these are residents of Gagra, the villages of Tsandripsh and Gechripsh, the villages of Makhadyr, Lapstarkhta, Alakhadzykh and Bzypta.

WAC public relations specialist Izolda Khagba, who led the charity event, said that the Social Service of the Gagra district helped the Congress to collect information about those in need.

"We addressed the employees of the Social Service to get a list of families in need of such assistance. The idea was to provide the most vulnerable families with New Year's food packages for the coming holidays. We wanted to be sure that these families can have a holiday too. The social service drew up lists, the service employees talked with families, identified the products that their wards urgently need. We also decided to please the children by adding sweet gifts," said Izolda Khagba.

Thus, the list included 39 families with 110 children. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the WAC and the Social Service, grocery baskets were delivered to the addressees within one day.

Senior specialist of the social service of the Gagra district Khamida Lakoya noted that the first experience of working together with the Congress turned out to be productive.

"It's nice to make children happy, especially on New Year's Eve. We have families who receive help frequently. There are families who do not talk about their problems, they are shy. Our task is to identify these people and establish contact with them," said Lakoya.

Marina Shatkovskaya, who received a food package during the action, refused help last year. However, today her family is having a difficult time, and the food for the holiday was very timely.  Marina knows well the value of the joy of helping in difficult times. Last year, she herself helped the social service by donating food and gifts to several families.

"If we have something at home, we always say: today we have it, it is better to give it to others.  Help is always useful on the New Year’s eve. Children will be especially pleased with the gifts.  When children are happy, then we, adults, rejoice," concluded Shatkovskaya.

She thanked the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC Mussa Ekzekov for "a miracle for children and adults."

The mother of five children Liana Shamba brings them up herself, her brother helps her. On the New Year's Eve, the family found itself in a difficult financial situation. Liana did not know if she could set the New Year's table for the children, but now she got such an opportunity.

"Children love to celebrate the New Year at their aunt's, but when they see the presents, they will probably stay at home," assumed the mother of many children.

Manush Nubaryan will bake a birthday cake for her children. For health reasons, no one in their family can work, so Manush is happy for any help.

"Sometimes it happens that we cannot buy what the children want. They feel disappointed, but then they understand, - Nubaryan shared sadly. - Children will be happy, we will set a festive table."

In the work of the World Abaza Congress, traditionally, much attention is devoted to charity. In 2021, the WAC employees organized the delivery of food aid to the COVID department of the Gagra regional hospital, and food products were also sent to the Gudauta COVID hospital. On the eve of the liberation of the Gagra district during the 1992-1993 Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia, the Congress provided assistance to the veterans of the Republican Association of War Disabled People "Apsny" in the town of Gagra.