As for July 14, all patients with coronavirus infection were discharged from the Gudauta hospital.

To date, all patients with COVID-19 have recovered in Abkhazia.  A member of the Operational Headquarters for protecting the population from coronavirus infection at the Ministry of Health of Abkhazia, head of the laboratory of immunology and virology, deputy director for research at the Research Institute of Experimental Pathology and Therapy of the Academy of Sciences of Abkhazia, Alisa Matua, informed the WAC information portal.

She added that the last two patients, students of Russian military universities, were discharged from the Gudauta hospital, specially redesigned for coronovirus patients.

“This is certainly great news, but it's too early to relax.  We continue to test people with suspected coronavirus infection.  The work is carried out daily,” said the member of the headquarters.

Alisa Matua recalled that all cases of coronavirus in Abkhazia were “imported”.

“If state borders remain closed, then the internal epidemiological situation should remain fine,” the expert said.

In total, on July 14, 38 cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Abkhazia.  One patient died, the others recovered and were discharged from the hospital.