14 July 2020


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13/06/2020 14:35 Events
Abkhazia abolishes most COVID-19 measures, but entry through border is restricted

The head of Abkhazia signed a decree on the situation with COVID-19, abolishing most of the restrictions that have been in force so far, but retaining restrictions on entry into the Republic.

11/06/2020 19:07 In Abkhazia
Minister of Health of Abkhazia on COVID-19: the situation in the country is favorable

The epidemiological situation in Abkhazia in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the likelihood of changes in restrictive measures were discussed at the next meeting of the Coordination Headquarters to protect the population of Abkhazia from coronavirus infection.

02/06/2020 11:25 About the Congress
Mussa Ekzekov handed over medical equipment and protective equipment to Abkhazia to combat COVID-19

WAC, led by the Chairman of the Supreme Council, continues to assist Abkhazia in the fight against the spread of the COVID-19.

19/05/2020 20:30 Events
Abkhazia acquired 1000 tests for COVID-19 antibodies

Tests to determine the antibodies for the COVID-19 are started in Abkhazia

15/05/2020 10:20 In Abkhazia
Abkhazia changes measures to protect population from COVID-19

President of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhaniya signed an order on the further application of certain measures to protect the population of the Republic of Abkhazia from coronavirus infection COVID-19.

09/05/2020 21:45 Events
Two more Abkhazian cadets who came from Russia showed COVID-19

Two new cases of coronavirus infection were revealed in Abkhazia over the past day.

09/05/2020 18:00 Events
COVID-19 infected are Abkhazian students from Russian military universities 

The Operational Headquarters for the protection of the population from coronavirus infection held a briefing on the condition of the diseased and on further actions of the Operational HQ.

08/05/2020 22:55 In Abkhazia
Four new cases of COVID-19 detected in Abkhazia

Four cases of coronavirus infection revealed in Abkhazia over the past day. 

01/05/2020 11:05 News
WAC provided humanitarian assistance to families of repatriates of Abkhazia

World Abaza Congress delivered food to repatriates living in Abkhazia.

26/04/2020 12:15 In Abkhazia
Coronavirus patient died in Abkhazia

COVID-19 patient died in Gudauta District Central Hospital, she was 95 years old.

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