The cultural and sports festival “Abaza”, which was held in Abkhazia on October 16-18, ended with a large-scale holiday in Sukhum.

The first cultural and sports festival “Abaza”, which was held in Abkhazia by the World Abaza Congress, ended with a big holiday on the Makhadzhir’s Embankment in Sukhum on Friday, October 18.

A stage was set up on the square near the Abkhaz State Drama Theater. By noon, townspeople and guests of the festival began to gather here. National music played, creating a festive mood for everyone.

Abkhaz and Abaza dance groups, singers and musicians appeared on stage one after another.


In the final, the festival prepared for its guests, in addition to the concert, many more surprises. The festive zone was divided into several venues: here is a “gallery” of old Abaza photographs printed in poster format, there is a platform with linguistic maps, and nearby is an exposition from the storerooms of the Abkhaz State Museum collection and photographs of exhibits from the ethnographic museum of the village of Elburgan.

The festival continued with festivities until late in the evening.

The first cultural and sports festival “Abaza” in Abkhazia started on October 16 with an international freestyle wrestling tournament for the cup of the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the World Abaza Congress and lasted for three days.