145th anniversary of the national poet of Abkhazia, Dmitry Gulia, was celebrated in Moscow on Friday, February 22

Said Bargandzhia

A literary and artistic evening in honor of the 145th anniversary of the birth of the national poet of Abkhazia, Dmitry Gulia, was held in Moscow on February 22. The evening was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Abkhazia in the Russian Federation together with the Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora (MAD).

Among the participants of the event was Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Abkhazia in the Russian Federation Igor Akhba. In his speech, he noted that the poet Dmitry Gulia laid the foundations of not only the Abkhaz written language and literature, but also the history of the national theater.

“Dmitry Gulia is the founder of the first newspaper in the Abkhaz language “Apsny” , the centenary of which we will celebrate very soon. Thanks to [this] fellow campaigner of Abkhaz literature, many countries of the world learned about the culture of our country. Scientists, writers, artists began to arrive in Abkhazia. The poet's works are studied in schools, the Dmitry Gulia State Prize was established,” the guests were reminded of the merits of the distinguished compatriot by Akhba.

According to the doctor of historical sciences Yuri Anchabadze, who also spoke at the memorial evening, the role of the poet Dmitry Gulia for the motherland lies primarily in the fact that he was able to “see the future historical path of Abkhazia”.

“He saw them (ways - ed.) within the framework of social and cultural progress, based on the civilizational ideas of European enlightenment, humanism and democracy. This is where his creative work, which gave the people an alphabet, his great poetry and crystal prose come from” said Anchabadze.

The historian added that Dmitry Gulia was a great patriot of his native land.

“His poetic appeal “Сыхаара сыԥсадгьыл, иҟалазеи, закузеи...?”(“My dearly dear homeland, what happened, what ...?” translated from Abkhaz - ed.) should remain a tuning fork, according to which everyone is obliged to serve the homeland where he is most needed, for its benefit and prosperity,” the doctor of historical sciences believes.

The poet Denis Chachkhalia, Honored Artist of Russia and People’s Artist of Abkhazia Alisa Gitsba, violinist Victor Abramyan-Eshba, laureate of international competitions Amra Bargandzhia, musician Abzagu Tsvizba took part in the concert.

The founder of Abkhaz literature, its patriarch, people's poet of Abkhazia, educator, scientist, linguist Dmitry Gulia was born on February 21, 1874 in the village of Uarcha, Gulrypsh district. In 1912 in Tiflis (Tbilisi - ed.) he published the first Abkhaz book “Poems and Chastooshkas”. Dmitry Gulia is the author of many outstanding productions and scientific works. He was the organizer of the first dramatic group “Morning Star” in the teacher's seminary in Sukhum. On his initiative, the first Abkhaz theater troupe, founded in 1921, performed in the villages of Abkhazia. In 1919, Dmitry Gulia became the editor of “Apsny” - the first Abkhaz newspaper in the Abkhaz language. In 1967, the State Award of Dmitry Gulia in the field of literature, art and architecture was established in Abkhazia. The prize is awarded every three years.