17 July 2024


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26.04.2024 21:19
Sukhum, Republic of Abkhazia

Women's Council of the WAC: scheduled meeting

The Coordination Council of Women of Abkhazia under the WAC held a meeting in the Sukhum office of the Congress. The meeting was attended by the headmaster of Ochamchira Secondary School No. 4 Lyalya Papaskir, teachers of Pitsunda School No. 1 Dona Maliia and Aida Trapsh, teachers of the school in the village of Dzhgerda Bella Tsvizhba and Naira Chikovani, headmaster of the Dranda School Mzia Tsvizhba, manager of the administration of the Tkuarchal district Minadora Berulava, teachers Kutol School Indira Amichba and Lolita Tsvizhba, school teachers from the village of Ldzaa Mimosa Yenik and Anisa Vanacha, as well as heads of departments of the WAC.

The meeting was attended by guests from Karachay-Cherkessia - editor-in-chief of the “Abazashta” newspaper Fardaus Kulova and editor-in-chief of “Cherkess-Heku” Lyusana Abidokova. The event was moderated by the Chairman of the Women's Council, journalist Ekaterina Bebiia.

Such topics as the role of women in politics, scientific environment and public life, methods of teaching the native language and the introduction of the subject of Apsuara into the school curriculum were discussed at the meeting.

The participants expressed their readiness to compile a training manual on Apsuara, taking into account the systematic approach.

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