Another "Soul Warmth" action - charitable support for those in need in the form of distribution of sets of clothes and shoes - was held in Abkhazia.

Amra Amichba

As part of the "Soul Warmth" charity event, sets of clothes and shoes were distributed to those in need in Abkhazia. The action was organized by the World Abaza Congress, representatives of the Abkhazian Diaspora in Turkey and the Plenipotentiary Representative Office of Abkhazia in Turkey.

This is not the first time that compatriots from Turkey, on the initiative of a member of the Supreme Council of the WAC, Ahmet Khapat, are collecting aid and sending a large humanitarian cargo to Abkhazia.

Recall that a similar large-scale and long-term action was held in 2019. This time, a batch of clothes for distribution was handed over to the Women's Councils of the WAC and the State Committee for Repatriation, which, in turn, handed over part of the cargo to the families of repatriates from Syria and Turkey.

"For the first time, the Abkhazian Diaspora from Turkey sent humanitarian aid at the beginning of 2019, the coverage was huge. Now a large batch of sports shoes, men's and women's sweaters and jackets has arrived," said Geta Ardzinba, Head of the Women's Councils of the WAC.

She recalled the idea of ​​the aid action, which was in its very name.

"There is a reason why the action is called "Soul Warmth". Residents of even remote Abkhazian villages feel warmth, attention and care from our brothers living in Turkey. This gives an understanding that we are still united, our historical community exists and will not disappear," Ardzinba is confident.

She said that the lists of those in need were compiled and refined using data from the local branches of the WAC. The lists included not only first and last names, but also other details, such as clothing and shoe sizes, in order to make the assistance as targeted as possible.

Members of the Women's Councils did a great job of sorting humanitarian aid.

"It is not easy to distribute targetedly such a volume of assistance - to disassemble, sort, sign.  Volunteers of the "Kiaraz" charitable organization also helped us ("Kiaraz" helps needy families in Abkhazia - ed.). Our goal was not just to distribute, but to convey what would suit a particular person. All members of the Women's Council carefully formed sets of clothes and shoes, tried to choose the right size for everyone. It brings you happiness when someone needs your help, and you try to help him as much as you can," shared Aza Gumba, a member of the Women’s Council.

The largest consignment of humanitarian cargo, staffed by members of the Women's Council, went to Tkuarchal. Prior to this, the head of the Local Branch of the WAC in Tkuarchal, Bella Arshba, collected information from several villages of the region about those who need support.

Pensioner Albert Snegurovich lives alone, his elderly mother recently died. He had no relatives who could help him.

"I wear 44 size shoes. It is difficult for us to get such a size here, but there are imported ones. Now I have shoes," he explains. "Thanks for the support. I wish good health to the representatives of the Diaspora and the staff of the Congress."

Gennady Polyakov, Lilya Vankholskaya, Lyudmila Shakaya and Klara Akaba, who received help, repeated with one accord: "Thank you for remembering the Tkuarchalians!" The material well-being of the residents of the once densely populated industrial mining town, which survived the blockade during the Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia and after that became a hero city, leaves much to be desired. This is recognized by the head of the Administration of the Tkuarchal region Isidor Dochia.

"I hope someday we will reach such a standard of living that humanitarian donations will not be needed. I want Abkhazia to prosper and the state to take care of its citizens. But today we live as we live. Thanks to everyone who organized such an action not only for Tkuarchal, but throughout Abkhazia. This is a significant help, and it will definitely reach everyone to whom it is intended," the head of the district concluded.

Help those who help, and not only them

While distributing the humanitarian cargo, consisting mainly of clothes and shoes for adults, the WAC Women's Council decided to pay attention to the junior staff of various institutions.

Thus, a completed batch of gifts was delivered to the Gudauta covid hospital and the Sukhum Infectious Diseases Hospital.

"Our orderlies and disinfectors will be very pleased that they have not been forgotten, that attention is being paid to them. They really get very tired, stay in the red zone for days and take care of the sick, monitor the hospital, keep order in the department," said Alexandra Gulia, head of the pharmacy at the Infectious Diseases Hospital.

Gifts from humanitarian aid were also sent to junior technical staff and nannies from 13 kindergartens in Sukhum and Gulrypsh.

Another category of those in need who were included in the lists this year is the average staff of boarding schools in Sukhum, Kaldakhuara and Ochamchira, as well as teenagers - students of the Sukhum Auxiliary School.

"Charitable assistance from the Abkhazian Diaspora in Turkey will be important for our special children, because many of them are from low-income families, and for them this assistance will be significant," said Astanda Antiya, deputy director for educational work of the Sukhum Specialized School.

Primary school teacher Irina Kvasia, in turn, noted that compatriots who provide assistance to their historical homeland "deserve deep gratitude."

Completed batches of clothes were also delivered to the residents of the villages of Guada, Arasadzykh, Gup, Atara, Kyndyg, the parishioners of the Kaman Monastery and members of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Abkhazia. It couldn’t be more appropriate to help the family of fire victims from Chanba street in Sukhum, as well as other low-income families.

The "Soul Warmth" charitable action, organized by the WAC and representatives of the Abkhazian Diaspora in Turkey, has become traditional. The last time a large-scale action, consisting of several stages, was held in 2019 in Abkhazia and the KChR and consisted in distributing sets of children's clothing to low-income families.