Summer courses of the Abaza language are organized in the Turkish village of Akpynar, which are attended by more than 70 people.

Said Bargandzhia

The Abaza language courses organized by the ANO “Alashara” are held in the summer months in the village of Akpynar in the Turkish Republic.  The language course, which started on June 1, is attended by more than 70 students today.

Abaza lessons are taught by Zaur Liev, journalist of the State Broadcasting Company of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic.  He never taught languages before, but he graduated from a pedagogical institute in the city of Karachayevsk and worked with the language all the time.

Liev said that many of his students in Akpynar come only for summer vacations, and constantly live “in France, in Germany”.  There are students from other cities of Turkey.

“I have three groups: from 7 to 12 years old, from 13 to 22 years old and - from 23 years old. There are also older people.  We practice every day for two hours.  The level of knowledge is different for everyone.  Residents of the village of the older generation know the Abaza language.  And there are those who did not know the letters, but learned them during this period.  At the moment, all students can write and read.  The main thing is that there is interest, there is a desire to learn the native language.  We record the lessons on video so that [students] have the opportunity to work at home,” said the teacher.

Zaur Liev added that with the middle and younger groups, they began to learn Abaza poems.  All children learned to count to 20. According to the teacher, the parents of the students did not expect such a good result.

Seven-year-old Salikha Aikanat, a Turkish by nationality, showed particular interest in learning the Abaza language, motivating her desire with the fact that she lives among Abaza and loves them very much.

 “I really like to learn the Abaza language.  I am glad that I can discuss some things with my Abaza friends in Abaza,” the girl said.

Brother and sister Boulin and Omar Kas, Abaza, live in the city of Adana in Turkey and come to their relatives in Akpynar for the summer period.  They were very happy with opportunity to learn their native language.

“We are happy to go to classes, have already learned something.  Thank you very much!” - thanked the organizers of the courses and the teacher Omar Kas.

Abaza language courses are held in the village of Akpynar in Turkey as part of a program for the development and preservation of the Abaza language.  The organizer of the courses, ANO “Alashara”, pays special attention to the issue of preserving the language, making maximum efforts to work in this area.