25 May 2022


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01/03/2022 18:05 2652
The Congress launched a video interview project "WAC Faces"

The World Abaza Congress presented a draft video interview "WAC Faces" about the members of its team, authored by the editor-in-chief of the Congress information portal Amina Lazba. 

25/02/2021 18:55 Events 29455
WAC launched a series of lectures on the history, culture and ethnology of the Abkhazians 

The World Abaza Congress organized a lecture series on the history, culture and ethnology of the Abkhazians.

09/02/2021 16:25 15511
The WAC opens a vacancy for the Coordinator of Local branches and youth activity

The WAC will hold a competition to fill the vacant position of the Coordinator of Local branches and youth activity of the WAC.

02/06/2020 11:25 8812
Mussa Ekzekov handed over medical equipment and protective equipment to Abkhazia to combat COVID-19

WAC, led by the Chairman of the Supreme Council, continues to assist Abkhazia in the fight against the spread of the COVID-19.

26/12/2019 15:10 News 24484
The artist of the year was chosen in Abkhazia: the award recipient is Sabina Kvarcheliya

The annual award “Best Artist of the Year” was held in Abkhazia.

15/12/2019 16:10 News 11845
Abkhazia’s leading psychologists became the first guests of the Parent’s club

The WAC Parent’s club held the first practical meeting, the main speakers of which were child psychologists.

15/12/2019 12:15 News 13697
WAC laid water pipes in one of the schools in Gudauta

The World Abaza Congress laid water pipes in Gudauta comprehensive school No. 5.

03/12/2019 18:50 News 16492
WAC local council members installed new garbage bins in Gudauta

New street garbage cans installed by members of the local council of the WAC in Gudauta.

01/12/2019 12:00 News 13556
The WAC Parents club began its work in Sukhum

The Parents club, opened as part of the WAC Discussion club, held its first meeting in the capital of Abkhazia.

19/10/2019 00:30 Video 10207
Mussa Ekzekov held a meeting with students of the ASU

The Chairman of the Supreme Council of the World Abaza Congress met with the students of the ASU and answered their questions.

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