16 July 2024


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04.06.2024 15:00
Sukhum, Republic of Abkhazia

Results of the creative competition “The History of My Last Name” were summed up at the WAC press center

The event was organized within the joint project of the Women's Council of Abkhazia at the World Abaza Congress with the International Association "Alashara" and women's branches of Abaza villages.

The competition commission consisted of the Abkhazian scholars, journalist, writer Ekaterina Bebiia, head of the WAC department for education, social activity and health Izolda Khagba, chairman of the coordination women's council of Abaza villages Irina Khutova, chairman of the women's council of the Abaza Municipal District Zurida Ashibokaya, head of the “Culture” department Natella Dzhemakulova and the chairman of the women's council of the village of Elburgan, Aminat Abazova.

Studying the history of your family name and telling about its best representatives in a video presentation format was a task for ASU students and applicants. In total, seven young journalists took part in the competition: Lana Kof-ogly, Madina Amichba, Rayana Bebiia, Alena Gumba, Sabina Chitanava, Saida Kharazia and Daut Ashuba. All the participants immersed themselves into studying the history of their family and presented their works.

At the end of the presentation, committee members enthusiastically commented on each video and thanked the participants for their contributions to the study. The participants were presented with personalized certificates of honor and presents from the Congress team in the form of T-shirts, mugs and keychains with the WAC logo.

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