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    23 August 2022
23.08.2022 15:52
Sukhum, Republic of Abkhazia

The WAC Parents' Club discussed the problems of people with disabilities.

As part of the meeting of the Parents' Club of the WAC, parents of children with disabilities, guests and experts discussed one of the episodes of the program "Parents", which is dedicated to children with disabilities. The discussion was attended by: director of the CCF "Ashana", Ombudsman for Children's Rights Maktina Dzhinzholiya, mothers of children with disabilities Oksana Lakerbaya and Roneza Patsia, director of the charitable center "We are together" Milana Adzhba, UNICEF PR assistant Naala Argun, coordinator of the WV social program Rita Basaria and others.
The participants of the meeting discussed in detail the topics that were raised in the program in order to help parents find answers to the most pressing and exciting questions about their children and hear the opinions and recommendations of leading experts in various fields.  
The program "Parents" is released with the support of the UNICEF and the EU.

23.08.2022 14:05
Sukhum, Republic of Abkhazia

Forms of preserving the self-consciousness of Abkhazians and Abaza were discussed in the WAC Discussion Club

Experts and members of the Discussion Club of the World Abaza Congress discussed the forms of preserving the national identity of Abkhazians and Abaza at another meeting in the press center of the Congress.