24 June 2024


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    9 February 2024
09.02.2024 16:49
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

The literary and poetic show “Blockade” went at the “Theater at the Narva Gate”.

The literary and poetic show “Blockade” went at the “Theater at the Narva Gate”. It was organized together with the World Abaza Congress. When staging the play, documentary materials about the defenders of besieged Leningrad were used: photographs and texts of the soldiers’ memories were displayed on the screen, and the names of Abkhazians and Abaza who took part in the battles for the liberation of Leningrad were voiced.

Among the spectators were descendants of the city’s defenders. The purpose of the event is to emphasize the unity of peoples during the siege of Leningrad. The performance itself is performed as part of a federal project dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the lifting of the blockade.

The memory of the Abkhazian soldiers who fell near Leningrad is kept at the Piskarevskoye memorial cemetery, where in 2004 a plate was installed and consecrated in honor of the defenders of besieged Leningrad, natives of Abkhazia.
More than 600 natives of Abkhazia took part in the defense of Leningrad, including pilots, tank crews, artillerymen, infantrymen, sailors and others.