21 July 2024


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25.05.2023 14:26
Gudauta, Republic of Abkhazia

The WAC conducted a medical examination of schoolchildren and teachers in the villages of Dzhirkhua and Bgardvany.

The World Abaza Congress conducted a medical examination in the Secondary School of Dzhirkhua village, Gudauta district. Pupils of the Bgardvan Secondary School took part in the medical examination. In total, more than 70 people were examined. This is the seventh trip organized by the WAC.

Traditionally, the medical examination was carried out in two stages. First, blood was taken from schoolchildren for a general analysis and glucose. Later, with the finished results, the children were examined by general practitioners.

The examination was carried out by cardiologist Irma Kacharava, otorhinolaryngologist Ritsa Khalbad, neurologist Saida Kondzharia, ophthalmologist Fatima Sangulia, pediatricians Angelina Otyrba and Natalya Rogova, endocrinologist Khamida Dzhikirba and a representative of the Association of Rehabilitologists of Abkhazia Arzadin Agrba. Children went through the ECG procedure. Based on the results of the medical examination, the specialists issued referrals for additional examinations to those who needed them.

The medical examination was attended by students of the Sukhum Medical College Saria Khashba, Alisa Dzhanelidze, Diana Atulyan, Ruzanna Tulumdzhyan, Anasatasia Yaylyan and Daria Parkhomenko. They helped doctors fill out forms with the results of the examination.

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