30 November 2021


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13/08/2019 11:15 Personalities 18921
Mussa Ekzekov: “Preservation of my people has worried me since childhood”

On August 13, the head of the Supreme Council of the WAC, a scientist and philanthropist, public figure whose purpose and putting of efforts were aimed at the revival of his own people - Mussa Ekzekov celebrates his anniversary. The WAC web information portal prepared an essay about him for this important date.

08/08/2019 16:15 Personalities 27110
“Abaza will be heard, and everyone will learn about our culture”: on the anniversary of Armida Chagova

On August 8, Armida Chagova, a well-known public figure in the KChR and the Stavropol Region, turns 65 years old. WAC web information portal has prepared an essay on her interesting life path, socially significant work, plans and dreams.

29/07/2019 15:20 Personalities 20652
Taras Shamba: “President of all Abkhaz”

For the birthday of Taras Shamba, the man with whom the World Abaza Congress began to exist, the WAC web information portal prepared an essay on him.

25/07/2019 18:25 Personalities 10465
Patriarch of Abaza literature: on Khamid Zhirov

If we talk about the formation, development and flourishing of Abaza literature, then, of course, the figure of Khamid Zhirov takes the first roles. On the birthday of the patriarch of Abaza literature, the WAC web information portal prepared an essay about him.

24/07/2019 17:40 Personalities 13151
“There is more joy in life than shadow”: on Gennady Alamiya’s birthday

July 24 marks the 70th anniversary of the Abkhaz poet and social and political leader, who was for more than 15 years the IAAAP General Secretary - now WAC - II degree commander of Honor and Glory Gennady Alamiya.

22/07/2019 12:45 Personalities 11178
“Golden scalpel” Mukharbi Tatarshaov: for the birthday of the Abaza surgeon

July 22 marks the 66th anniversary of the famous Abaza surgeon Mukharbi Tatarshaov. The WAC web information portal prepared an essay about the interesting life and professional paths of this extraordinary person.

15/07/2019 10:30 Personalities 21865
Still wanted to catch a lot near my people: for the birthday of Boris Adleyba

July 15, on the birthday of Boris Adleyba, the WAC web information portal recalls this bright leader of Abkhazia of modern times.

25/06/2019 21:20 Interview 25321
Vladimir Avidzba: I didn’t feel like a stranger in Turkey even for a second

On the eve of the 82nd anniversary of Vladimir Avidzba, the WAC web information portal interviewed this brilliant politician and man.

25/06/2019 10:05 Personalities 10354
Keen mind, subtle humor, broad soul: an outstanding Abaza Yuri Agirbov turns 80!

The WAC web information portal prepared an essay on the 80th anniversary of Yury Agirbov, an outstanding Abaza scholar and public figure, one of those people who are called the pride of the nation.

15/06/2019 18:25 Personalities 14787
Actor “without a mask”: the story of life and work of Nurbey Kamkia

The famous Abkhaz actor of theater and cinema, the people's artist of the Georgian SSR, the Abkhaz ASSR and the North Ossetian ASSR Nurbey Kamkia would have turned 85 on June 15. The essay of the WAC web information portal is on what he was like on stage and in life.

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