25 June 2024


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    26 April 2024
26.04.2024 21:36
Gudauta, Republic of Abkhazia

National Games: the sporting spirit of Abkhazians

Lykhny and Tsandrypshch are the new locations for master classes on “Aimtsakiachara”. First, schoolchildren were told about the significance of folk games and their role in the Abkhazian culture, then the rules and peculiarities of the game were explained. The master class ended with exciting competitions. Each of the students had the opportunity to show dexterity, ingenuity and perseverance in achieving their goals.

The result of the master classes will be a tournament in Abkhazian national games. It will gather the best teams and determine the winner of the games.

26.04.2024 21:19
Sukhum, Republic of Abkhazia

Women's Council of the WAC: scheduled meeting

The Coordination Council of Women of Abkhazia under the WAC held a meeting in the Sukhum office of the Congress. The meeting was attended by the headmaster of Ochamchira Secondary School No. 4 Lyalya Papaskir, teachers of Pitsunda School No. 1 Dona Maliia and Aida Trapsh, teachers of the school in the village of Dzhgerda Bella Tsvizhba and Naira Chikovani, headmaster of the Dranda School Mzia Tsvizhba, manager of the administration of the Tkuarchal district Minadora Berulava, teachers Kutol School Indira Amichba and Lolita Tsvizhba, school teachers from the village of Ldzaa Mimosa Yenik and Anisa Vanacha, as well as heads of departments of the WAC.

The meeting was attended by guests from Karachay-Cherkessia - editor-in-chief of the “Abazashta” newspaper Fardaus Kulova and editor-in-chief of “Cherkess-Heku” Lyusana Abidokova. The event was moderated by the Chairman of the Women's Council, journalist Ekaterina Bebiia.

Such topics as the role of women in politics, scientific environment and public life, methods of teaching the native language and the introduction of the subject of Apsuara into the school curriculum were discussed at the meeting.

The participants expressed their readiness to compile a training manual on Apsuara, taking into account the systematic approach.

26.04.2024 17:09

Environmental training took place in Novy Afon

The OSAZ department, together with the senior teacher, methodologist of the Department of Ecology and Animal Morphology at ASU, Maya Tsybulevskaya, continues ecology training for schoolchildren. Another interactive lecture was held at the Novy Afon Secondary School named after B.D. Avidzba.

Maya Tsybulevskaya told the children what ecology is, how we need to protect nature and its resources, what impact humans have on the environment and what needs to be done in order to preserve our common home - planet Earth. Schoolchildren actively participated in the discussion and shared their opinions. Air pollution, the problem of waste disposal, the destruction of green areas, the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers - various ecology problems of the urban and rural environment of Abkhazia were raised during the conversation.

At the end of the event, the children received memos with tips on correct environmental behavior.