25 July 2024


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04/04/2020 09:50 News 26028
WAC is actively involved in the fight against coronavirus infection COVID-19 in Abkhazia

The World Abaza Congress sent its forces to protect the population of Abkhazia from coronavirus infection.

04/03/2020 09:20 News 17759
WAC together with philanthropists will build a house for the Chirigba family from the village of Baslakhu

World Abaza Congress and a group of philanthropists will help a poor family from the village of Baslakhu to construct a new house.

02/09/2019 11:10 News 18717
WAC continued the baton of good and distributed school notebooks to first-graders of Abkhazia

WAC congratulated first-graders of Abkhazia on the first school day and distributed school notebooks.

14/06/2019 12:10 Egypt 38653
 Relay of good deeds: in good memory of Mona Omar Abaza

In her last interview, the active representative of the Abkhaz-Abaza Diaspora in Egypt, Mona Omar Abaza, spoke about charity in favor of needy members of the Egyptian Abaza family. She passed away on June 13th from a heart attack.

27/04/2019 10:05 Events 20989
Charity concert of Otar Kuntsaria Orchestra was held in Sukhum

The Otar Khuntsaria Folk Instruments Orchestra gave a charity concert in Sukhum, the funds from which covered the costs of treating a sick child.

25/03/2019 14:10 News 23019
Over 1000 children received new winter clothes: WAC summed up the “Soul Warmth” action

More than 1,000 sets of winter clothes were distributed to needy children of Abkhazia and Abaza children from the KChR in the framework of the charity event of the WAC “Soul Warmth”.

08/02/2019 20:10 News 19447
“Soul Warmth” action continues to work: 383 children were given out new winter clothes

Second stage of the charity event “Soul Warmth” continued with distribution of 383 sets of winter clothes to needy families of Abkhazia.

05/02/2019 14:15 News 19634
Charity event of the WAC “Soul Warmth” continued in Sukhum

Winter clothing sets, shoes and warm blankets will be distributed to children from socially vulnerable families as part of the second stage of the WAC charity event “Soul Warmth”.

18/01/2019 14:05 Diaspora 20094
Public organizations of Turkey following the example of the WAC helped those in need from Abkhazia

Charitable and public organizations of the Republic of Turkey followed the example of the WAC action "Soul Warmth" and helped the families in Abkhazia by launching the "Touch the Hearts" campaign.

30/12/2018 23:30 About the Congress 21340
Winter shoes sets distributed to those in need in Abkhazia on New Year's Eve

Winter shoes are distributed to those in need in Abkhazia as part of the first stage of the charity event “Soul Warmth”.

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