15 June 2024


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    2 May 2024
02.05.2024 17:56
Ochamchira, Republic of Abkhazia

Spring and Labor Festival: an equestrian tournament was held in the village of Kutol

The opening of the racing season and equestrian competitions dedicated to the holiday of spring and labor took place in the village of Kutol on May 1.

02.05.2024 12:00
Sukhum, Republic of Abkhazia

A master class on national games was held in Novy Afon

The Congress team held another master class on national sports games at the Novy Afon Secondary School named after B.D. Avidzba. The schoolchildren were told about the rules of the “Aimtsakiachara” game separately noting the features that distinguish it from many related competitions. After the theoretical part, the students divided into two teams and played the first match.

"Aimtsakiachara" is an Abkhazian national team ball game, reminiscent of modern rugby. According to the rules of the competition, team captains knock down a small felt ball with wooden sticks, while trying to throw it to their team mates. The catcher must run to the finish line as quickly as possible and not get caught by opponents who are trying to possess the ball.

The national games project has been implemented since 2022. This year, the WAC continued visiting master classes in the towns and villages of Abkhazia. The best teams will take part in the tournament, the results of which will determine the winner.