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    15 May 2023
15.05.2023 23:41
Gudauta, Republic of Abkhazia

The WAC held an ethnographic lecture in the village of Otkhara.

An ethnographic lecture on the history of Abkhazia in the 18th-19th centuries was held at the Otkhara Secondary School. The event was organized by the World Abaza Congress.

The lecturer of the Department of History, Ethnology and Archeology of Abkhazia of the Abkhazian State University Dzhambul Indzhgia spoke to the schoolchildren. He told about the reign of the sovereign prince of Abkhazia, Keleshbey Chachba, who devoted his life to the struggle for the independence of his people from Turkey. The children also learned about the tragic history of makhadzhirstvo.

After the lecture, Indzhgia presented the school with two of his monographs - "Аҧсықәреамҩа" and "Issues of the repatriation of Abkhazians in the first decade of the 20th century."