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    24 May 2023
24.05.2023 13:44
Sukhum, Republic of Abkhazia

The WAC took part in commemorative events on the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Caucasian War.

On the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Caucasian War, the staff of the Sukhum office of the World Abaza Congress laid flowers at the monument to the victims of the Caucasian War in Sukhum and lit Ashamaka, a tree-like candle that occupies a special place in the memorial rites of the Abkhazians. The creation of such a candle has already become a tradition; WAC employees make it with their own hands and light it for the fourth year in a row on the Makhazhirs Embankment.

Besides, the WAC employees took part in lighting the traditional bonfire "Нарҭаа рымца" (translated from the Abkhaz - "bonfire of the Narts").
The World Abaza Congress honors the memory of the victims of our common history and always supports the idea of preserving and developing Apsuara for future generations.

24.05.2023 13:26
Gudauta, Republic of Abkhazia

WAC conducted an on-site medical examination of schoolchildren and teachers in the villages of Achandara and Abgarkhuk.

The World Abaza Congress held the sixth trip for medical examination of schoolchildren and teachers in remote villages of Abkhazia.
This time the examination was carried out in Achandara and Abgarkhuk secondary schools in two stages. First, patients donated blood for a general analysis and glucose. After that, with ready-made results, they were seen by general practitioners. The examination was conducted by Arzadin Agrba, representative of the Association of Rehabilitologists of Abkhazia, cardiologist Irina Fet-oglu, ECG nurse Raya Borolovets, endocrinologist Yulia Kubrava, pediatricians Angelina Otyrba and Natalia Rogova, neurologist Saida Kondzharia, otolaryngologist Khatuna Kakulia and ophthalmologist Faten Abaza.
The doctors were assisted by members of the Congress. They helped fill out patient questionnaires and, if necessary, issued referrals for additional examinations. In total, more than 130 people took part in the medical examination.