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    5 May 2023
05.05.2023 16:25
Gudauta, Republic of Abkhazia

A new lecture by the WAC project and Inna Dzhugelia was devoted to the history of the Abkhazian national dance.

The next lecture within the framework of the "Ирӡтәым" project was held in the Gudauta Abkhazian Secondary School No. 5 named after D. Kobakhia. This time it was devoted to the history of the Abkhazian national dance.
The master class was conducted by Maya Gerzmava, People's Artist of the Republic of Abkhazia, Honored Artist of the Republic of Adygea, holder of the III degree Order of Ахьӡ-аҧша. She introduced the schoolchildren to the history of the women's movement in the Abkhazian national dance, told how these movements changed over time. The master class included not only a lecture, but also a practical part. Maya Gerzmava showed the students the dance steps with the correct position of arms and legs, inherent in the traditional Abkhazian dance.
The "Ирӡтәым" project (translated from the Abkhaz as "something that cannot be lost") was launched in early spring. The organizers were the World Abaza Congress together with the teacher of the Department of the Abkhaz language at the Abkhazian State University Inna Dzhugelia. The project is aimed at familiarizing children with the history, culture, traditions and values ​​of the Abkhazian people.